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Class II Carious. Lecture and Demo

Clinical Skills Series: Lecture 3
Date: Sat. Jan 19th 2019
Location: ITD Training Centre. Co-working Lab

Dr. Ankur Rampal
Assessment of Clinical Skills (ACS) Exam Prep

Part 1 Lecture:

  • Introduction
  • Class II Definition
  • Assessment of Clinical Skills Exam (ACS)
    — What to expect
    — Marking System
    — Type of teeth provided
    — Strategy to pass exam
  • Armamentarium
  • Protocol
    — Strategy and Approach
    — Solutions
    — Typical errors

Part 2 Demo, Q/A:

  • Demo using Patient Mannequin

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Lecture Audio Part A: (Length: 15:43)

Lecture Audio Part B: (Length: 16:53)

Lecture Audio Part C: (Length: 11:02)

Lecture Audio Part D: (Length: 5:46)

Lecture Audio Part E: (Length: 11:31)

Part 2:
Live Demo Photos: