On August 10, 2019, sumana raghavendra writes

Hi all,
Before I begin to write a testimonial for Dr.Ankur and ITD, I would like to congratulate him and his team on his success in such a short period of time.

I don’t think this testimony would do any justice to the amount of dedication and persistence Dr. Ankur has shown throughout, during my practice at his center for my Dec 2018 ACS exam. As a second timer, I had my own apprehensions in joining a new unknown center but after I had a chance to see his work skills by attending his demonstrations of few projects, I was pretty sure that this IS the place for me to brush up my skills so as to face the exam and there was no looking back since then.

He is very confident in his work and has interesting as well as amazing tips for all projects and that helped me build the courage to withstand any amount of pressure I would take in. He is a very hardworking, professional, precise and at the same time very approachable. His method of teaching makes you feel that the projects are in fact not that difficult and can be achieved easily.

I had made the best decision by attending his 4 months course which was affordable but is worth more than anything in terms of learning and I am sure that I am going to apply all these in my daily practice as well!.

I would like to thank Dr. Ankur wholeheartedly for giving me an opportunity to learn and refine my skills. I will be indebted to you always Dr. Ankur! I wish you the best in every step you take in life! Just join him and see the magic unfold!!!


Dr Rampal writes…

Heartiest congrats to winners of ACS today…

Ali Dehlavi, Marut Pradip Patel, and Varun Sharma, were all classmates at the ITD Training Centre. Batch II Jan 2019

Congratulations new dentists…and congratulations to ITD Dentistry for producing more successful grads.


Hiral Bagariya writes…

Hi, Ankur, just gone through your ur class 2 lecture… It was amazing… I appeared in my ACS last December n class 2 was the most difficult project for me all the time… U elabrated each point so nicely and clearly, amazing lecture…. N hey you forgot to cover 37 tooth, in our exam that tooth came. Sorry for the pointing out… The tooth was so bad that external would be an E for most of the people, I hope they consider the caries   

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