ITD Training Centre – Clinic Lectures and Demos

ITD Training Centre Clinic Demos Lecture List with examples of Final Work

ITD Training Centre provides Practical Dental Clinic Lectures, Demos, Practice Sessions, and One-on-One training support for our Clients. Preparation for the Assessment of Clinical Skills is our specialty.

• Our Lectures include the following: exercise overview, problem discovery, strategy to solution, dental armamentarium, approach, steps toward solution, error correction, standards, and finishes.

• Each Lecture is followed by Demo and then ample time for Questions and Answers.

• A live AV Feed of the Demo is displayed on a large screen TV Monitor, so all ITD Training Centre Clients have a front row seat.

The complete ITD Training Centre Lecture Schedule is available via inquiry.

Lecture List and Solution Samples

1) ITD Training Centre – Class II Carious Preparation Demo:

2) ITD Training Centre – Class II Composite Demo:

3) ITD Training Centre – Class III Carious Cavity Preparation Demo:

4) ITD Training Centre – Endo Exercise on a Molar Demo:

5) ITD Training Centre – Endo Exercise on a Pre-Molar Demo:

6) ITD Training Centre – PFM Demo:

7) ITD Training Centre – Rubber Dam Exercise Demo:

8) ITD Training Centre – Provisional Restoration Demo (Teflon Technique using Alike ie cold cure):

10) ITD Training Centre – Composite Class IV Restoration Demo:

11) ITD Training Centre – Class II Amalgam Restoration Demo:

12) ITD Training Centre – Full Metal Demo: