About Us

About ITD Training Centre:

The ITD Training Centre is your stop for Canadian Dental Board equivalency preparation. If you wish to practice as a professional in Canada, dentists who are trained in other countries (Internationally trained dentists from non-accredited programs) must sit for Canadian Dental Board Equivalency Exams.

There are a number of coaching centres in the Greater Toronto Area that claim a 75-80 percent pass rate for their Students. We have observed first timers usually go to the largest and best advertised centres.

Some Centres will have morning, afternoon, and night students. ITD Training Centre strives to provide personal attention. We provide each person with a personal work space with a powered dental chair and a Darvin Head. We have 10-stations. ITD Training Centre Clients receive 24-7 access to the fully equipped practice lab and numerous additional perks, including access to kitchenette, office facilities, WiFi and free parking. Our Administration strives to keep cost low.

ITD Training Centre is your stop for Canadian Board equivalency preparation. We cover AFK™, ACJ™, and NDECC®. Preparation for NDECC® ( National Dental Examination of Clinical Competence®) is our specialty.

ITD Training Centre Features:
— Professional Atmosphere
— Professional instructors
— Focus on Theory and Practical Skills
— Ample one-on-one instruction and work checks
— 24-7 access to our clinic
— Own assigned station
— Access to office facilities
— Free WiFi
— Resources Centre and Video Library
— Equipment and Supplies leads
— Administration strives to keep cost low

Our Clinic includes:
— Dental Chairs (10)
— Patient mannequins — Darwin heads
— Workstations storage
— Air compressors to run pneumatic equipment
— Armamentarium
— Power for High and Low Speed Drill Heads
— Suction System
— 24-7 Security Monitoring
— Lectures and Demos (each person has a front row seat)

Our Unique Selling Propositions:
24-hour access to centre

Fee Discounts for Second and Third Timers (…from any Coaching Centre)

Other Features:
— Free parking
— Bus access. One bus from Square One and Kipling Subway Station
— Mall across the street with restaurants, inc 24-hours Tim Hortons

We strive to:
– Provide the best knowledge
– Keep our services affordable

The ITD Training Centre Mission Statement:
Helping others becoming better versions of themselves
Dream • Believe • Achieve